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Please use this form if you wish to report any paranormal activity but excluding UFO sightings. If you wish to report a UFO sighting please use the form entitled report a UFO.

Although we cannot always offer an explanation on these phenomena, your information is crucial to our investigators. So please take a moment to fill out the form below.


How much does an investigation with the CAUPP cost?

The CAUPP offers its services FREE OF CHARGE. We are dedicated to understanding all events relating to paranormal activity from all points of view. The CAUPP survives from donations received via our web site that we use to cover basic expenses.


What can the CAUPP do for me?

There are many things the CAUPP can do for you, however, our primary goal is to bring to the table all possible scientific, medical and paranormal information. We will do some historical research of people or places affected by these paranormal phenomena. We will listen to your explanation of the facts without judging you. We are believers in the supernatural and we will try to help you if we can, whether the phenomenon proves paranormal or not, to try to get a better understanding of the situation. Our goal is not to try to discredit your stories, we simply want to try to find out the truth about what caused or is causing the phenomenon. There maybe a rational explanation for the phenomenon and sometimes there just isn’t any. When we are presented with paranormal activity, we try to completely understand all aspects of it and take into consideration religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs of the client. The CAUPP conducts all of its investigations discretely and confidentially.

We protect your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy on our web site. Your information will not be sold, given or communicated publicly without your permission. We don’t sell your information to spammers or marketers.



(Please do not use this form to report a UFO)

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