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The Canadian Association of Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena (CAUPP) is looking for videos, pictures and audio recordings that you have taken (even if accidentally) that represents what you believe to be a legitimate recording of a paranormal phenomenon or UFO.

If you are a programmer looking to expose your software (shareware or freeware) with our visitors and that pertains to the subjects mentioned in the pages of this web site, please contact us via our contact page, we are very interested and could offer you the possibility of hosting the software FREE on our server.

PLEASE DO NOT upload media that:

  • Is not yours
  • Was stolen or downloaded from another web site without express written permission.
  • Is a hoax. (material that is deemed to have been fabricated will be automatically deleted so please don’t bother)
  • The material (media) in question is protected under copyright and for which you are not the author.

PLEASE DO upload your media if:

  • You or a member of your family has captured a picture or video yourself.
  • You believe the material to be an observation of either a paranormal phenomenon or UFO activity.
  • You would like to share with others to try to understand a little better what you have captured on audio, video or picture.

We also invite you to register and upload your material on our sister site, Ghost Tube at http://www.ghosttube.net.


With hit movies like Paranormal Activity, it seems YouTube is plagued by nonsensical videos and/or apparently “real footage” of the supernatural. What we are looking for is true unedited footage demonstrating paranormal activity  or UFO sightings  or other that cannot be explained. If you are in possession of such footage please share it with us.

In all cases, the CAUPP will analyze the media and decide if there is just cause to have it shown on our web site. The CAUPP will not follow up with people who upload material. If you wish for the CAUPP to investigate a specific event, please fill out the respective forms on our website to recruit our services and report a UFO sighting or report paranormal activity.


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